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Luxury Women Clothes and Fashion Looks

Kamea II Fashion Look

Designed / Made by:
70,400 ₽

This Ensemble contains:
Kamea Lace shorts
16,600 ₽
Fabrics and materials:
French lace
Perforated jacquard
Lace on mesh

Kamea: Models

The Kamea Fashion Look is the quintessence of beauty and grace. In presenting the Look, the Brand focuses on the delicate shades of a soft overall and an airy blouse, which can create a romantic mood at any time Kamea II is a transformer, like many other Fashion Looks of the Brand. Kamea II features a transformable blouse, lace shorts and the overall with a perforated pattern and additional handmade Italian cotton appliques located in the chest area. There is an elastic band at the neck of the overall, which gives freedom of motion. If you order the Kamea petticoat and the basque mini Pion Beige or Kamea Colibri vest, you get a different interpretation of the Look.

By postponing your life until “later”, you doom yourself to “never”.
— Lanita Zotova

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