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Luxury Women Clothes and Fashion Looks

Hussar Fashion Look

Designed / Made by:
97,900 ₽

This Ensemble contains:
Hussar Leggings
29,900 ₽
Fabrics and materials:
Etro velvet
Cotton velvet
Armani knitwear

Hussar: Models

The Hussar Models are presented by the Brand in the hussar style and represent a historical allusion. The Hussar series is full of various variations and design solutions Everything about Hussar Models is perfect - magnificent Prada suiting fabric, gold fittings and laconic cut. Hussar leggings are made from Armani knitwear with lurex embroidery and silk threads. If desired, a suit jacket can be made of another material, for example, wool, which will add comfort and warmth. Models of the Hussar series will not leave their Owner without attention.

By postponing your life until “later”, you doom yourself to “never”.
— Lanita Zotova

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