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Luxury Women Clothes and Fashion Looks

Florence Fashion Look

Designed / Made by:
46,400 ₽

This Ensemble contains:
Abstraction Vest
32,760 ₽
Fabrics and materials:
Italian tulle
Lace D&G
Armani silk
French lace
100% velvet
Lace on mesh
Italian lace
Fabric D&G Limited

Florence: Models

Florence is a delicate combination of black lace and cream silk. The Brand complements this solution with an incredibly beautiful Florence-Pion basque maxi with embroidery or Abstraction vest This Look is truly beautiful and quite complex in its variations. Lace is a true symbol of femininity, tenderness and sexuality. If you want to make your Look even more desirable, the Brand recommends focusing on lace. The handmade Florence hair bezel completes the Look line. The Florence transformable blouse goes perfectly with both leggings and a skirt. Florence-Pion basque maxi embroidery can be made without a pattern if desired. The black Florence Pion vest with silver embroidery can complement the Florence-Pion basque maxi and create a multi-variable Look in your collection.

Making herself happy is a Woman’s direct responsibility. Any obstacle to this is an illusion.
— Lanita Zotova

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