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Luxury Women Clothes and Fashion Looks

First Lady Fashion Look

Designed / Made by:
95,600 ₽

This Ensemble contains:
Madonna Top
17,900 ₽
Fabrics and materials:
Prada suit fabric
Swarovski crystals
Italian mesh
Applications with crystals
Removable feathers
Brooches with crystals

First Lady: Models

First Lady is a unique business and evening Look, the purpose of which is to express the aesthetics and elegant taste of its Owner The First Lady look is presented by the Brand in various variations of colors and designs. Refined lines, strict contours and laconic colors - all this is inherent in the First Lady Look and makes it universal for both evening and business casual wear. The Madonna top can be made in different colors.

By postponing your life until “later”, you doom yourself to “never”.
— Lanita Zotova

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