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Luxury Women Clothes and Fashion Looks

Aurora Borealis Fashion Look

Designed / Made by:
63,100 ₽

This Ensemble contains:
Cuba Trousers
19,000 ₽
Galaxy Blouse
23,300 ₽
Silver Corset
20,800 ₽
Fabrics and materials:
Armani silk
Prada suit fabric
Fabric with glitter
Decorative elements
Corset mesh

Aurora Borealis: Models

Aurora Borealis is a magnificent piece in black and silver tones The strict lines of the Look perfectly emphasize the dignity of its Owner. Armani silk and Prada suiting fabrics are particularly harmonious with the silver embroidery of the Silver whalebone corset. The Galaxy organza blouse is an organic part of the Fashion Look ensemble, completing its concept.

Making herself happy is a Woman’s direct responsibility. Any obstacle to this is an illusion.
— Lanita Zotova

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