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Uncompromising elegance and style

The Brand concept does not recognize compromises and concessions when it comes to High Style - only the flight of creative perception and the creation of masterpieces. This is the property of Lanita Zotova’s Collections - the strict beauty of precise lines, the uncontrollable riot of carefully selected colors, the solemnity and vitality of the Concepts.

Evening dresses
Undoubted superiority.
In everything.

Brand's dress concepts bring to life the eternal scenario of female temptation and are designed to highlight all the natural grace of their Owner. Frank beauty and elegance are the basis of the Brand Dress Collection. Made from selected fabrics, Brand's dresses create an enchanting impression.


In the rhythms of the Brand's design solutions when creating basques, one can hear the unquenchable chords of ancient traditions, transferred to modern times as a result of an exclusive and unique approach. Brand's Basques will highlight and present to those around them the undeniable perfection of the taste of their Owner.

Elegant dynamics

The Brand's overalls are distinguished, on the one hand, by exceptional tenderness and elegance of design with notes of Empire, Art Nouveau and Gothic, and on the other hand, by the attractive dynamics of lines and concepts. Brand's overalls are extremely comfortable for everyday wear and are made from premium fabrics. Experience true pleasure in overalls from ZOTOVA Lanita.

Suit jackets
Unconditional self-pleasure

Brand’s suit jackets are the quintessence of high style and the result of Lanita Zotova's design ideas. These art works contain velvet, lace, embroidery, jacquard, appliqués and other elements that are organically woven into the concept of a particular Fashion Look.

Women Suits
of attraction

Brand’s Women suits are one of the most important diamonds at it’s disposal. Every detail, line, element of the suit fits into the Look, forming an enchanting semantic ensemble. The suit Models are distinguished by a very complex cut and a non-standard approach to sewing.

Harmony of pleasure

Brand's vests are harmonious art works in which priority is given to lace, embroidery and selected color combinations. Most of the Brand's vests are included in Fashion Looks. Brand's vests are the embodiment of Femininity and give their Owner a feeling of freshness and lightness. Experience the true pleasure of owning masterpieces from ZOTOVA Lanita.

Luxury Women Clothes and Fashion Looks

Women Clothes

Unique Shine and High Style

Each Fashion Look from ZOTOVA Lanita ™ is Unique. We do everything to ensure that the purchase of the ZOTOVA Lanita ™ Model is successful and brings maximum pleasure. This is why we create our unique Models and Collections.

The Brand's genetic code is aristocratic, hussar and Victorian motifs, with notes of Gothic and Empire. The Models are distinguished by a very complex cut and a non-standard approach to sewing. Since 2024, the Brand has noticeably adjusted its degree, but has not changed the core itself!
Today, the ZOTOVA Lanita Brand Models, like aged, tart wine, have entered a different stage of formation. The lines became more laconic, elements with lace organically moved into the background. Regarding color solutions: red is the basic color for the Brand, since Lanita believes that the Woman who owns her Fashion Looks has a very strong core, incredible charisma, crazy love for life in all its manifestations, sexuality and passion in her eyes! No other way!

ZOTOVA Lanita™
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