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Luxury Lingerie Sets

Pavlova Balet tutu

Designed / Made by:
24,900 ₽

Fabrics and materials:
Italian tulle
French lace on mesh

The Pavlova ballet tutu is made from the finest mesh with French lace and light, airy Italian tulle This accessory will help you fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. The Brand offers to plunge into a fairy tale, where you are in the main role, and the prince, standing on one knee, looks at you in fascination as if you were a queen. Каркас может быть убран по желанию, юбка может быть любой длины, включая длину до пола. Brand’s Lingerie Sets are the quintessence of elegance and a complete composition in which everything is selected down to the smallest detail. Frank beauty and elegance, sensuality and sexuality - all this is in the Lingerie Collections from ZOTOVA Lanita.

My Lingerie Models are a hymn to the enchanting beauty of the lines of the female body, each Look is designed to emphasize the frankness of the desires and aspirations of its Owner - strongly, uncontrollably and at the same time with the dignity of awareness of one's own beauty.
— Lanita Zotova

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