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Delivery information

Delivery once the order is ready

We deliver via the services of transport companies. Delivery is made when your Order is ready to the address indicated by you at the time of placing the Order.

As soon as your individual order is completed, our administrators will contact you to clarify delivery details. The delivery time is calculated from the moment the Models of your Order are ready.

Dear Clients!
If you are located outside the Russian Federation and would like to place an order, please contact us:

We do everything to ensure that the purchase of the ZOTOVA Lanita™ Model is successful and gives you maximum pleasure. This is why we create our unique Models and Collections.
In order for us to create your Look accurately, we need the following information from you:
Your height
Your usual everyday clothing size
Video of your measurements
Please keep in mind that the video of your measurements will help us determine your parameters as accurately as possible.
We thank you for your order and wish you prosperity and incredible shine of your ZOTOVA Lanita™ Look.

Ordering and Questions:

+7 917 252 0228