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Lanita Zotova

I'm Lanita ZOTOVA

Creator of the ZOTOVA Lanita™ Brand, clothes and lingerie for that half of humanity that is initially beautiful without conditions and definitions. And which I am proud of.

The desire to be unique, inimitable, sparkling has been inherent in us since those times when our wardrobe in stone caves consisted of only one or two skins, presented by a caring other half. Now it’s completely different, but the essence doesn’t change - we want to shine and sparkle uniquely. The history of the creation of my Brand is a series of situations and events merged together. These situations are not always explainable, and the events are numerous, and often have a purely metaphysical nature on the verge, representing a mixture of everyday and frankly mystical facts.

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How it all began

The Birth of Style and Charm

While still a child, I discovered with surprise and delight the ability to see the elements of the boundless world around me in a different light, when its individual parts appear highlighted, bright, in relief, breaking out from the overall picture and presenting themselves from different sides at the same time.

This was my own reality, which I hid from everyone, my childhood subconscious seemed to guard this joy of vision. I learned to combine these elements in my imagination, give them combinations of different colors and shades, and change their shape. As I approached my teenage years, I had an impressive number of images and design solutions that I had created.

At the age of thirteen, I already studied at the Art School in Kazan. Russia. It was during this period that I taught myself to combine my creative potential with the ability to maximally convey my own vision of the surrounding reality. In creating my images and models, I adhere to the concept of individuality and uniqueness, invariably combining it with my own vision of our world.

This is the basis for the formation of my style - everything that distinguishes the Models of the ZOTOVA Lanita™ Brand.

Lanita Zotova

Creating Looks

Harmony. Restraint. Expression.

In creating Looks, I strive, on the one hand, for harmony and restraint, on the other, for an unbridled riot of lines and combinations.

These two directions, meeting in one Model, seem to compensate each other, creating a whole bouquet of allusions and impressions, stimulating the imagination and provoking feelings. Therefore, in my Models you will find the tender shoots of hope of the Renaissance and a slightly bitter taste of decadence, feel the aroma of the salty breeze on the Mediterranean coast, hear the desperate rhythm of the Spanish guitar accompanying the crazy flamenco in the hot July twilight of Cordoba, infernal notes of classical gothic and low notes of the empire style, you will see frozen crystals of rock crystal in icy water, you will see molten gold on the purple toga of the last Caesar of the lost empire...

My Lingerie Models are a hymn to the enchanting beauty of the lines of the female body, each Look is designed to emphasize the frankness of the desires and aspirations of its Owner - strongly, uncontrollably and at the same time with the dignity of awareness of one's own beauty.
When creating Looks, I give preference to rich shades, combining them with the rich texture of the fabric. At the same time, one of the main rules of the Brand says:

All Brand's Models should and can be used in everyday looks

Lanita Zotova

Creating Models

From Alpha to Omega

To create Models, I use exclusively high-quality fabrics, which I choose only myself.

The entire process of creating each Model is controlled by me personally - from alpha to omega, ab ovo usque ad mala, from beginning to completion. The masters with whom I have the honor to work are professionals in their field and were carefully selected by me as a result of a multi-stage selection. This has yielded results - my team is a community of true Masters of their craft.

And the most important thing is that the Looks and Models of the ZOTOVA Lanita ™ Brand receive recognition from you - my dear Clients, for the sake of and for whom they are created.

My natural desire is to give your Look maximum elegance, uniqueness and, of course, Femininity. It is the achievement of this desire that is the most striking moment of euphoria.
I often observe that after the notorious pandemic, a number of women radically decided to hide their style and grace under ordinary clothes, which have become something of a permanent appearance for them. I cannot agree with this phenomenon for a moment!
Therefore, the return of Femininity and Women's Style is my priority. And let it be!
I wish you incredible radiance and prosperity of your natural beauty!

With Love and Gratitude,
Sincerely yours, Lanita ZOTOVA

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